Monday, January 24, 2011

Ensuring Quality - WSO2 QA Team

Written by Sami

WSO2's Quality Assurance (QA) Team won the Outstanding Team Award of 2010 award at the WSO2 Awards Night held recently.

Last year, we did nearly 60 product and service releases, in addition to loads of patches and support stuff done for clients. All these were tested and verified by the QA team. Just have a look at the list of WSO2 products, and the QA team test and verify all of them. That was a major factor leading to the outstanding team award. But the sheer volume of work alone was not the only reason that they were recognized for.

QA team at WSO2 is one of the most unified teams, not only withing the team, but also across all the other sub teams in WSO2. They work with all other teams, and they are the ones that everyone bank on for ensuring quality.

The QA team also have been a great innovating team. We are in a niche space in terms of what we develop. We develop middleware and cloudware. Testing middleware is not easy, and given the novel nature of the platform, the QA team had to invent how to test it from scratch. In the cloud space, we are the only complete platform as a service (PaaS) provider, and that testing too had to be invented from scratch. And WSO2 QA team continues to do an incredible job in this space.

Often, the product teams reach the finish line at the 11th hour, and it is at that 11th hour that the QA team spring into action. And they hardly complain, and they are never late. QA team bear immense pressure yet delivers always, each and every one of them.

WSO2 never treat the QA team as a secondary team, because we understand and value the quality and productive work done by that team for the betterment of WSO2's product and cloud platforms. In fact, if you work for WSO2 QA team, the chances are that, you could be a great IT integrator, or a business analyst form the experience you gain, thanks to the nature of technologies and business scenarios that you get exposed to.

Last, but not least, I must recognize the great leader of WSO2 QA team, Charitha. While the whole team won this and worthy of recognition, it must also be mentioned that the leader help make that difference a great deal. QA team, though the largest sub team in WSO2, is the one that I have least problems to resolve in my role. And that alone is a very good testimony on the leadership as well as the team's respect towards the leader. And I would like to thank everyone in QA team for being so much supporting to the leader.
QA team is a very good example for the other sub teams, one that you can lean from, on how to be 'a team'.

Congratulations folks, and keep up the good work!!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SOA Meets the Cloud

Written by Hiranya Jayathilaka

We just released WSO2 Stratos v1.0.0, the SOA PaaS solution based on WSO2 Carbon. Stratos enables you to run WSO2 middleware on a cloud infrastructure in a completely multi tenanted environment. This release brings you following SOA middleware services:
  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus as a Service
  • WSO2 Application Server as a Service
  • WSO2 Data as a Service
  • WSO2 Governance as a Service
  • WSO2 Identity as a Service
  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring as a Service
  • WSO2 Business Processes as a Service
  • WSO2 Business Rules as a Service
  • WSO2 Mashups as a Service
  • WSO2 Gadgets as a Service
With Stratos you can deploy webapps, web services, mediation flows, gadgets and business processes on the cloud. Just like all WSO2 products, Stratos is also free and open source. Try out Stratos for free at

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