Monday, October 31, 2011

Building WSO2 Branch 3.2.2, Where all others are committing to it

Written by Madhuka

I was building branch where normally that easy to make, But I need to build 3.2.2 that is releasing soon. So all of them were committing to it. So it was breaking lot of time. But truly this help to learn lot in pom.xml and maven.


I was getting Build error on the way, In here I was missing some UI.jar

In there I move to


get up from there. (not make do svn from particular 2 root level, if so error will increase) better get root svn up, But in such time better to try to svn up only particular place because  lot of changes happening to it,


Try to build form break point



Above one was some far simple one. Some time, It say build issue when I try to make it say I have fix some in services stub then I try it say some in dependencies. so I have to move particular place and make it.



to the miss file place get update?

by the name of the jar we can find the dir of that missing jar


It have never org.wso2.carbon:org.wso2.carbon.reporting.api:jar:3.2.2 so I go to “C:\WSO2\Branches\components\reporting\org.wso2.carbon.reporting.api”

get svn up

then build WSO2 Carbon - Reporting API

finally this make it work.

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